Your Smart Speaker, Portable!

Introducing portable power for your Amazon Echo 2, Echo Dot and Google Home.


Smart Just Got Smarter

Introducing portable power for your Amazon Echo 2, Echo Dot and Google Home.

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Totally Toteable.

TOTE Portable Battery Base for Echo (2nd Gen)

Our powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery lasts up to 8* hours on a single charge. 4 LED lights on the front to indicate remaining battery life, so you'll never get caught without power again.

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Alexa, turn it up.

VAUX Portable Speaker Base for Echo Dot

With VAUX, you get the same great Dot experience plus better sound, no cords, and a smart, beautiful design.

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Life is better without cords.

LOFT Portable Battery Base for Google Home

LOFT comes with its own low-profile charging base that simply slides onto Google Home, allowing you to easily power-up and instantly untether as needed for up to 8 hours.

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Small Size, Big Power.

DOX Portable Battery Base for Echo Dot

DOX is a small but mighty portable battery for the Dot. Unlike its big brother, VAUX, DOX is not a speaker. It is a rechargeable battery solution for those looking for cordless freedom to take Alexa anywhere, anytime.

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We make things that make things better.

Traditionally, accessories tend to play a passive role. At Ninety7, we see them as something larger than an impulsive "me too" purchase. Our goal is to create a range of premium accessories that elevate the product experience. Not just a longer cable or a different color case.

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