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A Simple Guide to Navigating Amazon Alexa Skills

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“Alexa, Those Are Some Serious Skills You’ve Got.”

You’ve been using your Amazon Echo Dot and her BFF VAUX for a while now or maybe you just purchased them on Prime Day, but regardless hopefully you’re loving what your favorite voice assistant has to offer. But given Alexa now has more than 15,000 skills (that number has grown by 5,000 in only the last few months), are you really taking advantage of all that Alexa has to offer? It can seem overwhelming to have one little piece of technology DO so many things!

With Alexa’s ever-expanding arsenal of tools and knowledge, it can be hard to keep up. So we thought it would be helpful to share the Alexa Guide, which is a nifty little list that Amazon created, which breaks out some of the best skills and use for your device s into easily digestible categories (such as help around the house, smart home, music and entertainment, etc.)

We also like this “47 Best Amazon Alexa Skills” list that was recently shared by Tom’s Guide and if you’re brand spankin’ new to this whole world, remember to download the Amazon Alexa app for iPhone or Android on your phone, as this is where you can view, add or delete Alexa skills,  and check out this article on LifeHacker.

One of our fun favorites—brush up on your favorite board game rules before a family game of Monopoly at homeJ

What are your favorite skills and uses for your Dot and Alexa?

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