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JOT Portable Power Now Available for the Popular Google Home Mini

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JOT Portable Power Now Available for the Popular Google Home Mini

Stylish Battery Base Allows Hours of Portability Making Google Assistant More Useful than Ever

With the Google Home Mini in homes and offices across the country, there is now a way to make the popular Google smart Assistant portable and cord-free. Ninety7, a technology lifestyle company known for its smart home accessories, today announced JOT, a cordless battery solution that offers additional functionality and control to the Google Home Mini. With JOT, cordless portability has never been so compact. JOT is available at and will be available on in the coming days for $34.95.

The device provides rechargeable, cord-free mobility at the user’s fingertips.  While small in size, JOT is big on power.  JOT features a powerful lithium-ion battery for up to eight hours of unplugged use.  With four LED lights on the front of the JOT, users will always know how much battery life remains before another charge is needed, so, for example, users never have to worry about their smart assistant missing a wake-up call due to a power outage.

Using JOT is easy – simply place the Google Home Mini securely into JOT to untether for cordless use. And by cutting the cord, the smart speaker is now mobile and ready for use on a coffee table, kitchen counter or by the grill outside, combining form with function and blending seamlessly into the home environment.

“The Google Home Mini, powered by the Google Assistant is one of the most popular smart home assistants on the market and with JOT users no longer have to be restricted to being in proximity of an electrical outlet,” said Kevin Brennan, CEO of Ninety7.  “JOT is our latest product that extends our company’s mission of creating a range of premium accessories that elevate the core product experience.  We’re excited for consumers to upgrade their own products or those of their family or friends this holiday season.” 

Ninety7 is launching a line of products that will bear the Made for Google program badge, indicating those products have been designed by Ninety7​ for use with the Google Home Mini and have been certified to meet Google’s compatibility standards.  

Product details and specs include:

  • Simple, slide-in connect front door
  • Available in two colors: Carbon or Silver
  • 7V@5000mAh battery providing up to eight hours of run time
  • Use Google Home Mini power supply to charge the base
  • Easy access to mute feature
  • Four LED battery indicator lights indicate battery level at a glance
  • Height: 50mm/1.96”
  • Diameter: 106mm/4.17”

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