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LOFT for Google Home Reviews

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LOFT for Google Home Reviews

Here is what the reviewers are saying about the LOFT Portable Battery Base for Google Home.

LOFT Battery Base Reviews

CNET – “Loft is a solid add-on that makes your Google Home portable”

GIZMODO – “This Battery Pack Turns the Google Home Into My Favorite Portable Bluetooth Speaker”

RIZKNOWS – “The LOFT Portable Battery Base is the best accessory for your Google Home smart speaker.” – “I love the design of the LOFT base. It’s subtle and fits with the modern look of the Google Home without getting in the way. If you had never seen the Home in person you would be hard pressed to see the difference. I have no doubt that I could show someone a stock photo of the Home, wait 10 minutes and show them another photo with the LOFT base, and they’d never see the change. Ninety7 made it very evident that one of their top goals was to make sure the Loft seamlessly integrates with the Home.”

Android Police – “The metal speaker surround looks good, and the color choices will help it blend into whatever theme your house has going on. It takes less than a minute to unbox and install, magnetically snapping right onto your Home.”

EBPMAN Tech Reviews – “The google home sounds great but lacks the ability to move it from room to room. The loft from Ninety7 solves that. The battery allows me to move the speaker from room to room and has an 8 hour battery life.”

GeeksterLabs – “It will add 8 hours of battery life to your Google Home for powered portability.”


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