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We hear from our customers all the time that your favorite use for VAUX is to listen to your tunes. It allows you to streamline your tech and offers a quality cordless speaker solution comparable to any existing Bluetooth option you may be using.

While the Amazon Alexa app has a myriad of choices for playing and streaming music, such as Amazon Music, Spotify and Pandora, it doesn’t cover everyone. For iTunes and Apple Music subscribers, or for those of you that have music on cell phones, tablets or MP3 players with killer playlists, we wanted VAUX to work for you as well.

So we designed VAUX to have an AUX In port on the back, which is compatible with a 3.5 to 3.5 cable. If you want to play music directly from your cell phone, MP3 player, or even Google Chromecast (yes, a few of you have asked), VAUX will work. Of course, you can also Bluetooth pair your phone to Dot and connect wirelessly, but the AUX in feature is particularly useful if you don’t have WiFi or want a quick line in with no setup.

To use the AUX feature, just plug in an auxiliary audio cable such as this one from Anker, to VAUX and your device, and you’re all set.

Plug, play, enjoy!


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