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VAUX Portable Speaker for Amazon Echo Dot vs. Amazon Tap

Posted | by Ninety7

VAUX Portable Speaker for Amazon Echo Dot vs. Amazon Tap

Some People think I'm in Amazon Tap. But I'm Not, I'm Vaux and I was Designed to Specifically Elevate Your Dot

As part of the Amazon Echo family, the Tap came out as a portable option and originally to alert Alexa, you would Tap the device vs. voice activation. Amazon changed that when they issued an over-the-air firmware update that gave the Tap an always-listening, hands-free option. The user updated their Alexa app and enabled the "Hand- Free" option.

So at first glance, I could see why someone would think a Vaux + Dot = An Amazon Tap, but that isn't the case and I'll show you why.

I was designed for owners of the Amazon Dot. Or future owners of the Dot. I was thought of because my creator was tired of always needing to have his Dot near an electrical outlet AND he didn't like the sound quality of the Dot's speaker.

So hence I was invented to seamlessly blend in an home environment by dressing up the Dot and allowing my owners to place their Dot anywhere in the house, move it around and enjoy wonderful tunes out of my speaker.

I'm now a home accessory vs. a tech product.

We have turned a tech product into an attractive home accessory. When I sit on your coffee table or on the kitchen counter, there is no cord, allowing me to blend nicely in with your home environment while keeping the iconic LED light visible and providing increased audio quality and mobility.

So in summary, here are some main points how I'm different than Amazon Tap.

Price: I'm $30 less, I cost $49.95, so combined with the Dot, it's $100 vs. $130 for the Tap.
Sound: Equal or better*
Design: Transformative for the Dot as stated above.

*Sound - Audio is comparable and we feel VAUX has more volume, hence fuller, but sound is subjective. I wasn't intended to be compared to Tap, but rather to Elevate the Dot.

And lastly, I allow the iconic LED light of Alexa confirmation to still be visible when she hears your command, you don't get that with the Tap and I also have an Aux In-Line for playing other devices through me with no need to remove your Dot.

I hope this helps explain how I'm unique and a way to elevate your Amazon Dot.


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