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VAUX Speaker Reviews

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VAUX Speaker Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it, here is what the reviewers are saying about the VAUX Speaker Dock for Echo Dot.

VAUX Speaker Reviews

CNET – “Vaux looks great, is easy to use and offers a legitimate sound quality upgrade for your Amazon Echo Dot -- plus portability”

Gear Diary – “VAUX Speaker for Echo Dot is the fact that it turns your Echo Dot into a battery-powered smart speaker. With music playing you get up to six hours of portable music. You’ll get even more if you don’t have music playing.”

Tom’s Guide – “The Vaux Is a No-Brainer Echo Dot Upgrade… Vaux addresses some of the shortcomings of the Echo Dot for a reasonable price. If you've been frustrated by the Dot's poor sound or lack of portability, the Vaux is a good accessory to add instead of buying a new Alexa speaker."

iPhone Life – “Vaux Makes the Echo Dot the Device Amazon Should Have Made… If you are looking for an accessory, look no further. The Vaux from Ninety 7 should meet your needs.”

The Gadgeteer – “The Vaux Speaker for the Amazon Echo Dot is a powerful, well-designed, and versatile accessory. For existing 2nd generation Echo Dot owners, this is a must-buy and an easy way to expand your Dot’s functionality.”

Tech Dissected – “… at $49.95 and to me just can’t be beat for what you get. It sounds great and looks great as well. Ninety7 has done a really good job on the VAUX speaker for the Amazon Echo Dot and it’s one that I highly recommend to anyone who uses their Echo Dot as often as I do.”

Digital Chumps – “There is no other product on the market for Amazon Echo Dot that combines a speaker with a portable battery pack. The product was created exclusively for the Dot and with its easy plug-and-play set-up, users simply pop their Dot into the top of the Vaux, plug in the internal connectors and now don’t have to worry about being near an electrical outlet. Tunes can jam through a more powerful speaker from anywhere in the house and Alexa can easily move from room to room.”

deTeched – “If you have an Amazon Dot, and want better sound and versatility, you can’t go wrong with the Vaux. If you’ve been waiting to get a smart speaker, the Dot and Vaux combo is a better choice than the Echo and Tap which are priced higher and have lesser sound quality.


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