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DOX: Frequently Asked Questions

Why won't my DOX stay charged?

First, please make sure you are using the correct 9W power adaptor provided to charge your Amazon Echo Dot. People will often have multiple cords and plugs lying around the house, and can unknowingly use a 5W charger because the connector is the same and will fit in DOX.

However, most cell phone or other Amazon products, like the Kindle, are only 5W and don't have the power to sufficiently charge the DOX and power the Dot.

You can identify if you have the correct 9W adapter by looking on the underside of the plug, between the blades, example is below. When you go back to using the proper 9W power adapter, your DOX will charge up properly and work - allowing you hours of cordless enjoyment!

Also, all cables are not created equal. If you aren't using the Amazon Echo Dot cable that came with your 9W plug, that can also affect the charge. Please make sure that the cable is the same one provided with your Amazon Echo Dot. The cable for Dot is thicker than most USB to Micro USB cables, which allows for the higher current.

If you are still having an issue drop us an email at

What do the blue lights on the front of my DOX for?

The 4 blue LED lights on the front of DOX indicate the battery charge level (4 lights=100%, 3 lights=75%, 2 lights=50%, 1 light= 25% or less).

How do I know how much battery remains on my DOX?

The 4 blue LED lights on the front of DOX indicate the battery charge level (4 lights=100%, 3 lights=75%, 2 lights=50%, 1 light= 25% or less). When only 1 LED light remains and is blinking, DOX’s battery is running low and needs to be recharged. During charging, LEDs will blink to indicate charge level.

Do I need an Echo Dot to enjoy my DOX?

Yes. The DOX is an accessory design specifically to work with the Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation. It is not a stand alone device and can only be use with the Dot.

When it's not plugged in does it turn itself off after inactivity?

Alexa is always on so even if nothing if you are not actively using your Dot, Alexa is on and waiting for a voice command. Hence 10 hours of portability - more if no music is playing - but eventually you need to plug back in or the speaker will run out of battery. The 4 LED lights on the front of DOX give indication of how much battery life remains.

What's in the box?

Just the DOX battery pack and charging base. A quick start guide is included in the box to get you going. Everything you need to connect to your Echo Dot is built-in to DOX. Since your Dot will be powered by the DOX, you can use your Dot power cord as the charging cord for your DOX.

How do I connect my Echo Dot to DOX?

1. Unplug your Echo Dot and place it into the dockingtray.
2. Plug in DOX’s 3.5mm and micro-USB plug into your Echo Dot.
3. Press the power button down for 3-5 seconds and play.

Enjoy your DOX plugged in. When fully charged, enjoy it cord-free.

Turn ON: Press power button for 3-5 seconds.
Turn OFF: Press and hold power button for 3 seconds

We have also added an additional "short press" feature that lets you quickly press the power button see how much battery your DOX has left, even when your Dot is powered down and off the DOX charger.

Can I charge my DOX with 3rd party charging cables?

No, and this is very important. DOX is meant to be charged using the Amazon Echo Dot charging cable that was provided when you purchased your Dot. We do not recommend using 3rd party chargers, as we cannot guarantee that other chargers will work with DOX. To ensure a full charge every time, make sure to use the Amazon Echo Dot 9w charging cable.

Can I use my DOX outside?

Though DOX was designed mainly for indoor home use, it can be used wherever you have a wifi connection, including outside on your patio or in your backyard. But please note, DOX is not water-proof or water-resistant and meant to be used primarily inside the home.

Can my DOX be used while charging?

Absolutely. And once you are fully charged, continue to use your DOX plugged in or cord-free.

How long with Dox + Dot last when fully charged?

You will get up to 10 hours of portable time. Some of our tests are showing longer run times, but always depends on use case.

Can I use Echo Dot Gen 1?

Echo Dot Gen 1 is slightly larger than the second generation Dot that DOX was designed for, so won’t completely fit into the tray. It is not recommended to use the first generation Dot.

How long does it take to charge my DOX?

Charging DOX when not in use will take about __5__hours. If you are using your DOX as it is charging, it will take about __8_ hours. When fully charged, DOX battery run time is about an average of 10 hours.

Why isn't my DOX working?

Make sure the micro-USB and 3.5mm jack connections are secure between the Dot and DOX? Are you using the 9W power adaptor provided with your Amazon Echo Dot to charge DOX? Is your DOX fully charged and showing blue LED lights on front? Is your DOX within range of the wifi network that the Dot was linked to? If you’ve checked all of the above and DOX still isn’t working, contact:


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