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LOFT: Frequently Asked Questions

Why won't my LOFT stay charged?

First, make sure you have fully charged your LOFT with the power adapter that came with your Google Home (please note, LOFT does not come with its own charger). As LOFT is charging, you will see flashing white lights on the lower front area of device. When all 4 white lights are showing and not blinking, your LOFT is fully charged. If you are still having an issue drop us an email at

What are the white lights on the front of my LOFT for?

The 4 LED lights on the lower front area of LOFT indicate the battery charge level (4 lights=100%, 3 lights=75%, 2 lights=50%, 1 light= 25% or less).

How do I know how much battery remains on my LOFT?

The 4 white LED lights on the front of LOFT indicate the battery charge level (4 lights=100%, 3 lights=75%, 2 lights=50%, 1 light= 25% or less). When only 1 LED light remains and is blinking, LOFT’s battery is running low and needs to be recharged. During charging, LEDs will blink to indicate charge level.

How do I turn my LOFT on?

Turn turn on LOFT, just quickly push the power button on the lower front of device. LOFT was designed to turn on with a “short press”, meaning you don’t have to hold it down for longer than 1 second to turn it on.

How do I turn my LOFT off?

To turn LOFT off, press and hold the button on the lower front of device for a few seconds (“long press”) until the LED lights go off.

Do I need a Google Home to enjoy my LOFT?

Yes. LOFT is an accessory design specifically to work with the Google Home. It is not a stand alone device and can only be use with the Google Home.

When it's not plugged in, does it Google Home turn itself off after inactivity?

Google Home always on unless you turn it off, so even if you are not actively using your device, it is on and waiting for a voice command. Hence 8 hours of portability - more if no music is playing - but eventually you need to plug back in or the speaker will run out of battery. The 4 LED lights on the front of LOFT give indication of how much battery life remains.

Can I charge my LOFT with 3rd party charging cables?

No, LOFT was designed to be charged only using the charging cord that came with your Google Home.

Can I use my LOFT outside?

Though LOFT was designed mainly for indoor home use, it can be used wherever you have a wifi connection, including outside on your patio or in your backyard. But please note, LOFT is not water-proof or water-resistant and meant to be used primarily inside the home.

Can my LOFT be used while charging?

Absolutely. And once you are fully charged, continue to use your LOFT plugged in or cord-free.

How long will LOFT + Google Home last when fully charged?

You will get up to 8 hours of portable time. Some of our tests are showing longer run times, but this always depends on use case.

How do I get my LOFT onto the Google Home?

The LOFT is designed to slide onto the Google Home base. If you have a standard base on the Google Home – pull that off. Align the plug that is coming up on the LOFT to the port at the bottom of the Google Home base. Slowly slide it up until the connector and port connect. Once aligned properly, the magnets will engage and the LOFT will click into the Google Home base and start to power up.

My Google Home with LOFT won’t turn on?

Make sure you short press the power button to turn on the LOFT. Some people long press the power button which is for shutting off the unit. Just a quick short press should get your unit to power up. If not, please see us at

How rigid is the LOFT on my Google Home?

The LOFT is a battery base, with plastic and metal grill that is designed to allow you to move the Google Home from room to room and be cord free for up to 8 hours. It does need to be handled with care. The magnets hold the device on well, but you should make sure the Google Home is placed on counters or tables away from edges to prevent dropping.

Will the LOFT affect the microphones or wireless connections due to a metal grill?

No – all the wireless antennas are at the top of the Google Home. There is no affect on the microphones or wireless antennas. The Google Home + LOFT performs the same as if plugged in without the LOFT.

Can I keep the Google Home + LOFT plugged in all the time and still use it?

Yes – you can keep the Google Home with LOFT plugged in and powered on. The battery will top off to full charge allowing you to use the Google Home all the time. When you want to be portable, simply unplug and move about. There will be no disruption in service.


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