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JOT for Google Home Mini

“...this is a no-brainer for Google Home Mini owners who want a bit of extra flexibility with their speaker.”

“...ever found yourself wishing you could easily take your speaker from one room to another, then Ninety7 might have the perfect accessory for you.”

"...customers understandably demand a battery-powered option for those times they aren’t near an outlet, such as grilling outdoors"

“Ninety7 frees the Google Home Mini with their JOT battery base”

“The Ninety7 JOT Turns the Google Home Mini into a Portable Solution”

SKY TOTE for Amazon Echo 2

“Sky from Ninety7 gives your Amazon Echo 2 a greater range of mobility.”

“This is a great addition to take the Echo 2 with you to the beach, or honestly, even just outside for parties.”

“Take your Amazon Echo (2nd gen) wherever you go with the SKY battery base”

“This sleek battery for the 2nd-gen Echo cuts Alexa’s cord”

“Liberate your Amazon Echo 2 from the constraints of a power cord”

“The Sky from Ninety7 gives your Amazon Echo 2 a greater range of mobility”

“The SKY TOTE is a welcome addition and a clever idea. It includes a nice handgrip to help with portability and it gets eight hours of battery life.”

“Sky Tote Review - Best Portable Battery Charger For Amazon Echo?!"

LOFT for Google Home

“This Battery Pack Turns the Google Home Into My Favorite Portable Bluetooth Speaker”

“The LOFT portable battery case lets Google Home escape from the home”


“Loft is a solid add-on that makes your Google Home portable”

"New gadget transforms your Google Home into a portable smart speaker"

"You can now add a battery to your Google Home with ‘LOFT’"

"LOFT Portable Battery Base: Give your Google Home power away from the outlet."

"Turn your Google Home into a portable speaker with LOFT"

"Make Your Google Home Smart Speaker Portable With LOFT Battery Base"

"Ninety7 has the fix if you want to cut the cord completely."

"It takes less than a minute to unbox and install, magnetically snapping right onto your Home."

"New battery packs turn the Echo Dot and Google Home into portable speakers"

“The LOFT Portable Battery Base is the best accessory for your Google Home smart speaker.”

VAUX for Echo Dot


“One of my favorite products of recent memory is the Ninety7 Vaux, a battery-powered speaker for the Amazon Echo Dot.”

“This might be the most useful Echo Dot accessory we've seen”

“the sound it puts out is impressive and, in my opinion, actually, exceeds the Amazon Echo.”

“Set Alexa free! Vaux portable speaker with dock mobilizes Amazon’s Echo Dot”

“VAUX Speaker brings improved sound, portability, and simplicity to the Echo Dot”

“The Vaux Is a No-Brainer Echo Dot Upgrade”

“Vaux Makes the Echo Dot the Device Amazon Should Have Made”

“Ninety7 Vaux Review: Echo Dot speaker-battery cuts Alexa’s cord”

“Trust us, every Echo Dot owner should have one.”

“The Vaux Speaker for the Amazon Echo Dot is a powerful, well-designed, and versatile accessory.”

“Vaux looks great, is easy to use and offers a legitimate sound quality upgrade for your Amazon Echo Dot - plus portability.”

"The Vaux is an unabashed contraption, a speaker that fits over an existing Echo Dot and turns it into a bona fide party speaker."

"I highly recommend to anyone who uses their Echo Dot as often as I do."

“The Vaux is one of those rare devices that make me giddy just to know that someone is thinking about detaching the poor Dot from its USB confines.”

"Vaux is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to move the Echo Dot around the house without having to unplug it."

“Amazon Echo Dot gets more portable and better sound from Vaux”

“VAUX was designed to allow owners of Amazon’s Echo Dot to freely carry their smart speaker around the house”

“The VAUX Speaker for your Amazon Echo Dot is a no-brainer pickup. Anyone with an Echo Dot should consider getting one.”

“The VAUX is a perfect match to your Echo Dot”

“The Vaux is the perfect companion for your Amazon Dot”

“I think the VAUX is a must-have addition for the Echo Dot.”

DOX for Echo Dot


“With the Ninety7 LOFT, you can take your Google Home with you as you move from room to room.”

"New battery packs turn the Echo Dot and Google Home into portable speakers"


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