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Return Policy


Ninety7 has a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for products purchased directly from

Ninety7 offers a 1-year limited warranty for manufacturing defects on any products purchased at an Authorized Reseller. Ninety7 will only support returns from our web store or authorized reseller with proof of purchase and the correct forms returned. The Ninety7 website maintains an up-to-date list of Authorized Retailers both online and store-front retailers. Please review this list before purchasing. Any seller not on this list is not an authorized retailer and no warranty from Ninety7 will cover products sold through these sellers. You must go to where you purchased the product for any exchange or refund.

Note: Due to the growing issue of counterfeiting and companies selling used product as new, it is important to ONLY purchase from Ninety7’s authorized list.

Ninety7 warranty only applies to ORIGINAL purchasers of NEW products through our website and authorized resellers. Products purchased from non-authorized sellers that have already been sold once (from or an authorized seller to the non-authorized seller) and therefore are second-hand goods by the time they come into your possession and are not covered by Ninety7’s warranty.

Ninety7’s warranty does not support refurbished units from any channel, including units from Amazon Warehouse deals as these items have been used and we cannot guarantee quality of refurb. Amazon Warehouse does not test products and we do not recommend buying from them if you want warranty coverage.

What you need to return your product:

  • All customer’s must fill out the following RMA (Return Material Authorization) form and submit this to
  • Once our support staff has received and reviewed the form, upon acceptance, you will get an RMA# and address to return your product.
  • Customer is responsible for return shipping costs**.
  • For 30-day warranty, upon approval, Credit will be issued approximately 2 weeks after receipt of your return.
  • Product must be returned in good condition for money back guarantee.
  • For limited 1-year warranty, upon approval, Ninety7 reserves the right to fix or replace your product.

**If return is due to manufacturing defect, Ninety7 will reimburse shipping costs for return.


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