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SKY TOTE: Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an Amazon Echo 2 to enjoy SKY TOTE?

Yes. SKY TOTE is an accessory designed specifically to work with the Amazon Echo 2nd Generation. SKY TOTE is not a standalone device and can only be used as ab accessory with the Echo 2.

My SKY TOTE doesn’t seem to fit in the new Echo 2?

First, did you remove the factory sleeve that came with the Echo 2? The Echo 2 has a fabric sleeve around it that you need to remove by holding the sleeve and pushing your thumb through the hole at the bottom of the device. Once the Echo 2 pops out of the sleeve, remove it completely. Next, you’ll need to remove the rubber plug at the bottom of the Echo 2 device to expose the power pins before installing device into SKY TOTE or it won’t fit properly and connect. Next, slide your bare Echo 2 into SKY TOTE’s sleeve until your Echo is flush with SKY TOTE at the top. You can also refer to our Quick Start Guide.

My Echo 2 will not seat into the SKY TOTE battery sleeve.

The Echo 2 has contact pins at the bottom of the device that are hidden by a rubber plug. Please refer to our online Quick Start Guide. You need to pull this plug out then the Echo 2 should nest completely into SKY TOTE’s sleeve and allow power to connect.

My Echo 2 will not turn on even though I am pressing down on the power button. What’s wrong?

The SKY TOTE only requires a “short press” on the power button to turn the Echo 2 on (no more than 1-2 seconds). Also double check that the Echo 2 is nesting snugly into the sleeve and both Echo 2 and SKY TOTE are flush at the top. If the top of the Echo 2 still isn’t seated snuggly, then you might not have removed the rubber plug from the bottom of the Echo 2. Removing this plug exposes the Echo 2 power pins and allows SKY TOTE to provide power to the Echo 2. Please refer to Quick Start Guide if needed.

When SKY TOTE/Echo 2 it's not plugged in, is it still using power or does it turn itself off after inactivity?

Alexa is “always on”, so even if nothing is coming out of the speaker, she is active waiting for a voice command and using battery hence 6 hours of portability or more depending on volume level and use case (ie. Streaming music, asking questions or commands, etc). Eventually, you’ll need to plug the device back in or the speaker will run out of battery. We recommend keeping SKY TOTE plugged in when not in use, and unplugging when you want to untether and use SKY TOTE in and around your home. There is also a visible light LED “fuel gauge” on the lower front of SKY TOTE to let you know how much battery remains.

What's in the box?

Your box includes the SKY TOTE portable battery base and a Quick Start Guide which contains everything you need to install your Echo 2 and get you going. Please note-SKY TOTE does not come with its own power cord. To charge, just use the power cable and plug provided with your Echo 2.

How do I pair my Echo 2 with SKY TOTE?

There is no “pairing” SKY TOTE with Echo 2. SKY TOTE is portable battery power, and will work seamlessly once your Echo 2 is installed. If your Echo 2 is a new device, we recommend getting set up on your wifi and before installing into SKY TOTE. Please set up Echo 2 and then follow SKY’s Quick Start Guide for easy install.

Can I charge my SKY TOTE with 3rd party charging cables?

No! This is important. SKY TOTE is meant to be charged using the Amazon Echo 2 charging cable that was provided with your Amazon device. We do not recommend using 3rd party chargers, as we cannot guarantee that other chargers will work or damage SKY TOTE. To ensure a proper full charge every time, make sure to use the Amazon Echo 2 charging power supply.

Can I use my SKY TOTE outside?

SKY TOTE is designed to work where your Wifi reaches, so if you want to bring SKY to your patio, deck or front yard to listen to music or have Alexa entertain you, please do. Provided you have a wifi signal that can reach, you can enjoy the portability SKY TOTE offers in surrounding areas of your home. Note: While SKY TOTE is a great companion on the patio, it was designed primarily for indoor use and is not water resistant.

Can my SKY TOTE be used while charging?

Absolutely. Once the 4 LED’s are lit up, you are fully charged and can continue to use your SKY either plugged in or unplugged.

How long does it take to charge my SKY TOTE?

Fully charging SKY TOTE when not in use will take about 4-6 hours, and longer if the device is in use while charging. When fully charged, SKY TOTE’s battery run time is an average of 6 hours (this will vary depending on usage and volume levels for example, constant high volume use decreases cordless time, lower volume use extends it). The LED light fuel gauge on the front of SKY TOTE will indicate how much battery life remains.

  • 4 LED’s Solid – fully charged
  • 3 LED Solid – 75% charged
  • 2 LED Solid – 50% charged
  • LED Solid – 25% charged
  • 1 LED blinking – less than 10% - return to power supply and plug in to recharge.

How do I control the volume on my SKY TOTE?

SKY TOTE has no volume controls…you just use the Echo 2 volume +/- at the top or ask “Alexa, Volume 3” and she will adjust volume to the level requested.


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