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LOFT Portable Battery Base for Google Home


LOFT is a portable battery base for the Google Home that let's you unplug and take Google anywhere you choose. The powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides up to 8 unplugged hours of use. Simply detach the Google Home base and attach LOFT, and you've got cord-free mobility at home. 

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Your smart assistant just got smarter.

Google Home has great voice-controlled features and quality audio, but falls short when it comes to portability, as it must remain plugged-in to work. LOFT is a portable battery base that solves this problem by making Google Home cordless, thus portable, so you can move your device from room to room with ease.


LOFT comes with its own low-profile charging base that simply slides onto Google Home, allowing you to easily power-up and instantly untether as needed for up to 8 hours. If your battery is running low, the LED indicator lights on the front of LOFT will let you know when it's time to recharge.

“With the Ninety7 LOFT, you can take your Google Home with you as you move from room to room.”


Upgrade Your
Google Home

Not just another piece of tech on your countertop, LOFT’s sleek compact design seamlessly blends into your home environment.

Meet Loft for Google Home

LOFT's built-in battery gives you cordless freedom and lets you enjoy Google Home from anywhere in your home.

Unleash the power of Google Home with LOFT

LOFT simply slides on, replacing your current Google Home base.


  • 1 Magnetic attachment
  • 2 Premium plated perforated metal sleeve to deliver crystal-clear highs and rich bass
  • 3 Use only Google Home’s power adapter


Height 89mm / 3.5""
Diameter 102mm / 4.0""



14.1 ounces


Google Home

* Actual battery life will vary with use. Up to 8 hours includes elapsed time. Even in listening mode, Google Assistant is running.

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